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Cane di schiena

Five years after their much-acclaimed album Inaudito, Calomito is coming back with a new great album! Calomito melt with taste avant-prog, Canterbury, jazz and folk, but they give the right space to melody, a typical feature of many Italian bands. Beside usual electric instruments, their arrangements include a peculiarly nice palette of acoustic colours – trombone, violin, viola – that gives the band a really recognizable sound.

Sharp and groovy, Cane di schiena is a relevant step forward compared to the first album, being a clear sign of maturity for a band which is considered among the most interesting ones in the alternative Italian music scene, taking the best from the past and revising it in a new direction.
If you like Frank Zappa, Canterbury sound, Stormy Six, Gong, Dr. Nerve.


Sardinia tour announced!

Calomito will tour Sardinia!

these are the venues:

14 march 2011 – local-tv appearance

16 march 2011 – @Linea Notturna – Cagliari

17 march 2011 – @Retroburger – Cagliari

18 march 2011 – @Aggabachela – Sassari

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